Team Vistim

The people behind the vision


James Hamet

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur specialized in signal-processing and machine learning for brain activity. Published discoveries of novel EEG biomarkers. Co-founded Neurable, a Boston brain-computer interface company.

Frank Zanow, PhD

Board Director

CEO of ANT Neuro, one of the largest manufacturers of EEG and other medical products worldwide. 20+ years experience building tech businesses from zero.


Dr. Robert Perneczky

Scientific Advisor (Psychiatry/Neuroscience)

Professor and Director, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Enchi Liu, PhD

Scientific Advisor (Translational Biomarkers)

Drug Development Executive with Clinical Development, Translational Biomarker, and Global Program Leadership Experience

Jay Jantz, PhD

Scientific Advisor (Data Science/Neuroscience)

Leader and Innovator in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with HealthTech, Neuroscience, Medical Device, and MedTech Industry Experience. Successfully brought several new products to market.