Team Vistim

The people behind the vision


James Hamet CEO

James Hamet

Founder & CEO

MedTech entrepreneur specialized in brain biomarkers and digital signal-processing using machine learning. Relevant publications and business experience. Co-founded Neurable, a Boston brain-computer interface company.

Frank Zanow PhD

Frank Zanow, PhD

Board Director

CEO of ANT Neuro, one of the largest manufacturers of EEG and other medical products worldwide. 20+ years experience building tech businesses from zero.


Ryan Wallace

Ryan Wallace

VP Partnerships

Extensive startup sales leadership experience with 25+ years selling EEG software products

Chad Vardas

Chad Vardas

Head of Product

Serial entrepreneur specialized in finance, product development, and IP strategy. Previous success with diagnostic and therapeutic patent portfolios.

Maxwell Kleinsasser

Maxwell Kleinsasser

Lead Data Scientist / Engineer

University of Madison-Wisconsin triple major in math, statistics, and computer science. AI/ML expert.


Dr Robert Perneczky

Dr. Robert Perneczky

Scientific Advisor (Psychiatry/Neuroscience)

Professor and Director, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Enchi Liu

Enchi Liu, PhD

Scientific Advisor (Translational Biomarkers)

Drug Development Executive with Clinical Development, Translational Biomarker, and Global Program Leadership Experience

Jay Jantz PhD

Jay Jantz, PhD

Scientific Advisor (Data Science/Neuroscience)

Leader and Innovator in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with HealthTech, Neuroscience, Medical Device, and MedTech Industry Experience. Successfully brought several new products to market.

Clifford Samuel

Clifford Samuel

Strategic Advisor (Clinical Distribution)

Pharma executive with 30+ years experience guiding large corporations and start-ups in bringing life-saving pharmaceutical products & diagnostics to markets in need.